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This map shows the location of Pensión Venecia Gomérez in relation to Buses, Taxis, Bus Station, Train Station, Public Car Parks, Monuments, Restaurants and Bars, Shops, Tourist Information Centres, Cash Points and Motorway exits.
The accommodation is located in the centre of the map below. It is the red balloon. Click on the boxes on the right and the information wll appear on the map.

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This hotel is 1067 metres from the Alhambra entrance, 41 metres from Plaza Nueva (the absolute centre of Granada), 1606 metres from the train station and 3025 metres from the bus station.

Getting to Pensión Venecia Gomérez

Bus from the Airport
To get to Pensión Venecia Gomérez from Granada airport you can get an airport bus. There is a bus available after most flights to take you into the centre of Granada for around 4 euros. Getting back to the airport is slightly more difficult because the bus times are not always accurate. There is a more information about getting to and from the airport here. here On the map below click on Airport Buses. You will be able to see the airport bus stops. If Pensión Venecia Gomérez (the red baloon) is near an airport bus stop it would be a good idea to get the airport bus. Otherwise a taxi may be a better idea.

You can book an airport transfer here click here to book a transfer

Taxi from the Airport
There is a slightly crazy system at Granada airport because only about 7 taxis who are registered in the village near the airport are allowed to pick you up without a prior booking. Follow the signs to the taxi rank and if there are any taxis get in. The price is normally around 35 euros (2022). If there is an airport bus available it may be a good idea to get that because it is only 3 euros per person. There is more info about taxis here You can book an airport transfer here click here to book a transfer

Train or Bus station
To get from the train or bus station click on the 33 bus link and then zoom in a little it will show you the nearest bus stop to this hotel.

Transfer with Private driver
There are several companies offering airport transfers. They will come to meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. The price is only slightly higher than a normal taxi and you won't have to negotiate the price with a taxi driver. Here is a link for airport transfers to Pensión Venecia Gomérez 35 euros (3 people max).

Parking In the map below click on "parking" and you will see all the public parking spaces. Be careful because some streets have traffic restrictions and you can be fined for going down the streets which have "no access" signs on. If you have a booking at a hotel you will be allowed to go down some of the streets with restricted parking without being fined. However you need some good arrival instrructions not just google maps. Driving in Granada can be complicated and any good hotel should supply you with clear arrival and driving instructions. If you find out after booking that a hotel has a "shrug the shoulders, you are on your own attitude" to your arrival by car you should consider cancelling your booking and getting another hotel. Many hotels do not have their own parking and they make agreements with the nearest public car parks to give you a better deal with long term stays. Also you need some dialogue with the hotel because they have to tell the traffic authorities your number plate (matricula) so that you won't be sent a fine. (the control of restricted areas is based on cameras which use numberplate recognition, not physical barriers.)


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