Location of Leonardo Hotel Granada Español

This map shows the location of Leonardo Hotel Granada in relation to Buses, Taxis, Bus Station, Train Station, Public Car Parks, Monuments, Restaurants and Bars, Shops, Tourist Information Centres, Cash Points and Motorway exits.
The accommodation is located in the centre of the map below. It is the red balloon. Click on the boxes on the right and the information wll appear on the map.
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This hotel is 2272 metres from the Alhambra entrance, 1254 metres from Plaza Nueva (the absolute centre of Granada), 435 metres from the train station and 1775 metres from the bus station.

Getting to Leonardo Hotel Granada

To get to this Hotel from Granada airport you can get an airport bus. On the map below click on Airport Buses. The airport buses leaves after the arrival of every flight.
Train or Bus station
To get from the train or bus station click on the 33 bus link and then zoom in a little it will show you the nearest bus stop to this hotel.
Private driver and Taxis
There is more info about taxis here If you would like someone to book a taxi for you to this hotel click here

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