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Zaguan del Darro Hotel Granada

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Zaguan del Darro Hotel Granada
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Carrera Del Darro 23

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Dating back to 1563, the Zaguán Del Darro was formerly a Franciscan convent, the renovation of the palace has been carefully undertaken to retain its original Spanish style.

The hotel has a stunning central courtyard displaying marble columns from the Elvira mountains which are Roman in design. In the center of the courtyard is a renaissance fountain creating a tranquil and elegant space which has been named a site of artistic interest by UNESCO.

The charming decoration continues into the bedrooms and the delightful bar is a great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Discover authentic Granada which begins from the Zaguán entrance. Find many shops to browse and lovely tapas bars, where you can enjoy a rest with a glass of cooling Sangria.

This hotel is 933 metres from the Alhambra entrance, 283 metres from Plaza Nueva (the absolute centre of Granada), 1703 metres from the train station and 3004 metres from the bus station.

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